Sunday, November 3, 2019

Eloise's Jasmine Party!

If you were to ask me how many times Eloise and Sophie have watched the new Aladdin, I would guess it’s been about 50 times! Eloise has been obsessed with Jasmine lately and is constantly singing "Speechless" at the top of her lungs, so it wasn’t too surprising that she requested a Jasmine themed party! I instantly had ideas for the party but I still wanted it to be very Eloise; sweet, laid back, but with a little bit magic!

A balloon garland was the perfect focal piece and then all the other little details like the glass lanterns, confetti, and the cake topper just brought everything together so nicely! As soon as the little party guests entered the door, their little faces lit up when they saw all the balloons. It was perfect!   The night before the party, I whipped up a super simple Agrabah out of poster board and tacked it to the window. It was totally last minute because I had a little bubble of creativity!  When Eloise saw it the next morning, I heard her yelling excitedly from downstairs "
Mommy, Mommy! Agrabah appeared!!"

 Balloon Garland kit, Confetti and Cake Topper- Teeny Wish
Party Hat headband- Little Blue Olive
Dress(no longer available but linking similar style)-Alice and Ames

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