Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Fall officially starts this week! We kicked it off a week early by visiting the cutest pumpkin patch around. The girls ran through the pumpkin patch giggling wildly, Theo kept chatting his head off to daddy and I just took it all in and snuck in a few pictures, of course! Man I love this time of year! 

 The girls and I came up with a bucket list for this Fall, and there are some good ones on there! Some I just added so that I have have the extra incentive to make it happen, just for myself, heh hehe! 
 So here it is, our Ultimate Fall Bucket List, whoot, whoot! 

  The Ultimate Fall Bucket List
-Visit a pumpkin patch
-Make spaghetti squash
-Make s'mores
-Art project out of leaves
-Make ginger snaps
-Cuddle up and watch You've Got Mail
-Decorate front porch
-Go on a hay ride
-Visit a corn maze
-Bake pumpkin loaf
-Jump in the leaves
-Go on a nature walk
-Farmer's Market!
-Visit a corn maze
-Make butter beer
-Decorate pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies
-Bake apple crisp
-eat supper by candle light
-Make Autumn Sangria (obviously my idea!)
-Carve pumpkins
-Harry Potter Movie Mararthon
-Bring out the boots