Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Easter Basket Gift Guide- Little Girls

Ahhh Easter...It's such a special time of year! Christ is risen, Winter is over and is right around the time of my birthday!

Growing up, one of my highlights at Easter was hunting for our Easter baskets. Right up there with dying eggs, wearing a new dress and Easter Vigil mass! My dad would hide our baskets in the craziest places ( one year it was inside the shop vacuum!) and it was always fun to see what he'd think of next. And oh my gosh, are Easter baskets were always so good. My mom is the queen of coming up with the best stuff for both Easter baskets and Stocking Stuffers. 

Getting to play the role of Easter Bunny is just the cherry on top of being a parent in my opinion! Creating this gift guide was so much fun and I hope you find an idea or two!

The Pink Umbrella- One of our favorite books ever! So Springy and the illustrations are classic and sweet. And as Sophie would say "It's sooooo romantic!"

Easter Sticker Book
Calico Critter Bunny Family- An Easter basket isn't complete without some kind of bunny to play with! These fuzzy bunnies are so adorable, Eloise can't get enough of them!
Pastel striped Jacket
Peeps Bubble Bath
Yoobi Chalk- definitely an Easter basket staple, along with bubbles of course.
Watering Can
Ruffle Swimmer- April in Alberta is still a long way from bathing suit season but those beach days will be here before we know it!
Ice cream night light
Easter Basket
Bunny floral crown-
Rabbit bonnet- I apologize for any obsession this bonnet induces. Native Fable has the cutest bonnets.  We're talking heirloom quality here!
Bunny Sandals- I can't resist clothing with bunnies on them! Sophie had these last Summer and we got so many compliments on them.

Bug Bungalow- Anyone else have these growing up? I think both girls are going to love being able to check out bugs through a magnifying glass!
Bows- Eloise is the queen of bows and is obsessed with Dear Freya bows. Definitely our favorite small shop, for sure! Just look at how pretty these colors are!

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