Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Winter Survival Guide for Moms with Toddlers

Being cooped up in the house with a posse of little kids ain't no joke. Especially when you live somewhere where winter stretches for weeks and weeks and weeks. It can be really tough and trying on the patience. Unless you have a warm place to go when the temperature dips, there really is nothing else to do but get cozy and enjoy it! Time goes by so fast and it's my personal belief to embrace the season, cold or warm, boring or exciting, and to just love my babies and make lemonade with the lemons that life gives. Even if those lemons are cold, dark days spent tucked away at home.

I hope this little guide serves up some fun (and hopefully new!) suggestions for you and your bubs. 

First off, here's a look inside my mommin' tool box. You might even have a similar stash!

-construction paper
-washable markers
-flash cards
-water beads 
-an atlas ( I love this one!)
-painters tape
-Kraft paper
-paint brushes
-washable paint

My kiddos are free to grab whichever activity they wish, except for the water beads. It takes lots of discipline, but our rule is to put one thing away before grabbing the next activity. Also, I am not a fun mom at all. Meaning, I don't play with them. Unless they ask for help with the flashcards or puzzles, I set them up with an activity and then try to tackle a junk drawer, read a book to Theo or vacuum. With that being said, I'm always there to coach and help with cleanup!

Fun Activities

Sensory Bin Play
I like to grow a small amount of water beads and then set the girls up with their LOL dolls and other small toys to have a water bead party! It's messy, I'll warn you, but it keeps them entertained for a loooong time. Best done without a baby sibling around...speaking out of experience! Face palm.

Beach Party
The kids hop into their swimsuits, lay on towels while reading books, we listen to the Moana soundtrack, drink homemade slushies, wear sunglasses and do the hula.

Detective Problem Solving
This requires some creativity on mom's part! Write up a few clues for the kids to track and maybe even a story to go off (" The queen's jewels have been stolen! She has asked for your help detective to find it!"). Hide the jewels in a secret spot that they will find on their final clue.

City Building
If you don't have that cool road washi tape, I've found that painter's tape does a good job making roads!  Add blocks and cars to create the cutest Little city around.

Toy Hide and Seek
Grab 10-12 small toys (Little people figurines are perfect for this!) and hide them in a room or two. Send the kids in to find them and collect them in a little basket or bag.

Other fun activities
-fort building complete with twinkle lights
-bake cookies or mini pizzas
-dance party!
-play library
-scavenger hunt for snacks
-tea party

These activities are all in our repertoire and even though they are pretty simple, it does keep the kiddos imagination running happily and wildly without having to use extra screen time.

Oh and one more thing...
Add a little beauty to your day with something that you really enjoy. Maybe it's buying yourself some flowers or a plant to have on your table, burning a yummy new candle (I have this one going as I write this. It's amazing!), treating yourself to a dessert tea for an afternoon pick-me up or wearing a favorite lip gloss. It might not be a beach escape but just that little bit of beauty can do wonders for lifting a busy mama's spirits...without having to actually drink any spirits!

Don't forget to play happy music! Here is what we're listening to...

Underneath the Lovely London Sky- Lin-Manuel Miranda
Feeling Eiffel- Micheal Giacchino
Another Day of Sun- La La Land Soundtrack
I Promise You- James Corden
We Belong Together- Randy Newman
Wind in my Hair- Tangled: Before Ever After
Way Back When- Grizfolk

Megan xo

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