Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favorites- February Edition

It’s happening! The days are getting longer here, meaning an entire afternoon full of glorious sunshine! At the moment, I’m curled up on the couch, sitting in a ray of sunshine with the fireplace going. All the warm and cozy feels with a shot of vitamin D please!

So the count down is on! Only t-minus 6 days until Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite days to celebrate despite my own Valentine’s less than enthusiastic participation! Insert eye roll. That’s o k, I think I’ve made it quite clear that he just needs to bring me home a coffee and I’ll be happy. Besides, I have two little minis who are super pumped for love day so we can have our Galentine’s day party! Yay!

So in the spirit of Galentine’s day, I’m sharing all of my favorite girly things that make great gifts do your gal pals of maybe even just a little something for yourself!

Okay, I lied. In addition to a coffee, I also really want a big old box of these bears. They are so dang good. And they are alcohol free, making them a perfect gift for a friend that’s preggo.

If I had to pick my top three make up essentials, this pen would be one of them! It’s longlasting and creates the most perfect cat eye. I love it.  I usually apply a thin line right over my lash line for a more casual look and then a little more dramatic with a longer and fuller wing to my cat eye.

I had bought this pouf to give away as part of a gift but then I couldn’t part with it! Oops! I stash all of my fancy stanch pens for bullet journaling inside but I could easily dill another 3 or 4! Please give me all the rifle paper co goodies!!

This color is soo good! Sparkly, pink and wears so well! Sophie and Eloise are also big fans which is why I’m due for another tube...despite only getting it last month. #girlmomproblems

For the littlest galentine, I love this cape,  ostrich and little blouse. These boots would be super cute filled with some little chocolates or a few small toys. And my final and favorite pick, this blush gingham dress. Swoon.

I can’t forget my favorite movies for February! Of course Valentine’s Day makes the list (Love that flower shop!) but here are a few other favorites for the month of love.

Leap Year
La la Land
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Julie and Julia
Return to Me
Cinderella (2015)
Shall We Dance

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