Friday, December 13, 2019

Yarn Wreath Ornament DIY

Here's a super quick and easy diy that would make the sweetest gift topper! I like using the chunkier yarn and  vintage buttons for a cute retro look!

What you will need:
Chunky yarn
Embellishments such as ribbon, buttons, mini sisal trees, mini pompoms
Hot glue gun

Step 1. 

Start by cutting a circle out of cardboard, about a 4 in radius. Cut another circle inside, about 1 1/2 in. Doesn't need to be precise, this circle will be covered soon anyways. After cutting both circles, you should have a donut shaped piece and you are ready to start wrapping!

Step 2.

Add a dab of hot glue to the cardboard and gently press the end of the yarn to the glue. This will keep the yarn in place. Wind the yarn around the cardboard so that the entire little "donut" is covered. Finish it off by gluing a small piece of felt over the end of the yarn to keep it in place.

Step 3.

Now for the fun part! Time to add the embellishments! I added a little itty bitty sisal wreath and I love how it turned out. A wreath on a wreath? Of course!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Gift Guide for Guys

Guys can be so tricky to shop for, it's true. Luckily I'm married to a very nerdy coffee-loving, plaid-wearing man who is actually quite easy to shop for! However, I think most of my hard-to-shop-for male relatives would actually love some of these items!

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit- Donald loves board games and shares my fondness for Harry Potter too. This is definitely going to be under the tree for him!
Travel mug- Donald has been bringing my "Pumpkin Spice Everything!" travel mug to work every day since August! I figured it was high time I replace with something a little less basic!
Plaid Blankie- this blanket with a streaming service gift card would make a great gift! 
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gift Guide for Little Girls

I am so excited, December is right around the corner! The girls are so pumped to start ticking off the days on the calander! So am I, mostly because Sophie asks twice a day how many left days until Christmas! Even though I'm excited for Christmas, I also have a ton of stuff to do before then! Stuff like fun Decembery things like making cookies, watching movies and winter wonderland strolls. That and some Christmas shopping of course. Here are a few favorites I've found so far!

Tutu Dress- This dress is so dreamy! So many Nutcracker vibes!
Elsa Doll- The animators collection is so sweet, my girls just love the toddler version of their favorite princesses!
Spirit Onesie- Essential for cuddly little horse lovers like Eloise! 
Sticker Books- The girls LOVE these sticker books. Definitely getting some for stocking stuffers!
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gift Guide for Mama

I couldn't resist putting together a gift guide for us mamas!
 Hint hint Santa Husband!

Red Wrap Sweater- All of my favorite items in my closet are Rachel Parcell. Such beautiful, well made clothing! 
Rifle Paper Co Mug
Plaid PJ shorts- How perfect for curling up and watching Christmas movies!
Cut Flower Garden- I am determined to grow my own cut flowers this Summer and this book is chock full of inspo!
Super Soft Sweater
Snowman stacked candle
Fawn Design Weekender Bag- I would LOVE this, especially if there were Disneyland tickets inside. A girl can dream right?
Ugg booties- I always put Uggs on my wish list. And this year's pick is pretty fabulous! Love the sherpa detail!
Boho Pillow

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Eloise's Jasmine Party!

If you were to ask me how many times Eloise and Sophie have watched the new Aladdin, I would guess it’s been about 50 times! Eloise has been obsessed with Jasmine lately and is constantly singing "Speechless" at the top of her lungs, so it wasn’t too surprising that she requested a Jasmine themed party! I instantly had ideas for the party but I still wanted it to be very Eloise; sweet, laid back, but with a little bit magic!

A balloon garland was the perfect focal piece and then all the other little details like the glass lanterns, confetti, and the cake topper just brought everything together so nicely! As soon as the little party guests entered the door, their little faces lit up when they saw all the balloons. It was perfect!   The night before the party, I whipped up a super simple Agrabah out of poster board and tacked it to the window. It was totally last minute because I had a little bubble of creativity!  When Eloise saw it the next morning, I heard her yelling excitedly from downstairs "
Mommy, Mommy! Agrabah appeared!!"

 Balloon Garland kit, Confetti and Cake Topper- Teeny Wish
Party Hat headband- Little Blue Olive
Dress(no longer available but linking similar style)-Alice and Ames

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Fall officially starts this week! We kicked it off a week early by visiting the cutest pumpkin patch around. The girls ran through the pumpkin patch giggling wildly, Theo kept chatting his head off to daddy and I just took it all in and snuck in a few pictures, of course! Man I love this time of year! 

 The girls and I came up with a bucket list for this Fall, and there are some good ones on there! Some I just added so that I have have the extra incentive to make it happen, just for myself, heh hehe! 
 So here it is, our Ultimate Fall Bucket List, whoot, whoot! 

  The Ultimate Fall Bucket List
-Visit a pumpkin patch
-Make spaghetti squash
-Make s'mores
-Art project out of leaves
-Make ginger snaps
-Cuddle up and watch You've Got Mail
-Decorate front porch
-Go on a hay ride
-Visit a corn maze
-Bake pumpkin loaf
-Jump in the leaves
-Go on a nature walk
-Farmer's Market!
-Visit a corn maze
-Make butter beer
-Decorate pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies
-Bake apple crisp
-eat supper by candle light
-Make Autumn Sangria (obviously my idea!)
-Carve pumpkins
-Harry Potter Movie Mararthon
-Bring out the boots

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Sanche Home Update

If you’ve been following me on IG, you know that our family has sold our house (yay!) and have purchased a new home! We are so excited for this new house and to fill it with new memories!

This new house is in a different but nearby city, has almost 900 square feet more than our former home and is in impeccable condition with big yard. Did I mention that every wall is in a garish shade of orange, green and yellow?

It is going to take buckets and buckets of paint (and hopefully yards and yards of some fresh white base boards) to make it what we envision for this place but we are pretty excited for the challenge! I foresee many late nights painting walls while listening to audiobooks! 
Bring. It.

I’ve been having way too much fun pinning away inspiration for the new house on Pinterest (you can see my board Our Home to get an idea of what style I’m going for!) which has been so exciting. Anyone else totally on board with the farmhouse style? This girl is! I can’t wait to decorate the kids’ rooms, the playroom and of course the kitchen! I plan on taking some before pictures so I can share our progress. Hopefully the first set of “After” pictures come before Christmas...fingers crossed!

Since we don’t get into our home until late Summer, my parents have kindly offered to let me and the kiddos live at their place until we take possession. Remember that adorable a-frame cabin I posted on IG a while back? That’s where you’ll find me this summer and I’m so excited to be able to enjoy that darling cabin! Donald will be commuting back and forth and staying with family close to his job since my family lives quite a ways from the city. It’s going to be a super strange Summer, with our family not being together every night. 
We plan on making the most of our time together on the weekends and the odd weeknight and dive into that old Summer bucket zlist we came up with a while back. 

That’s where we are at! We’ve been planning to take this leap for a while and I’m so grateful that we are doing it surrounded by our families. I keep reminded myself that sometimes one has to think (and live) outside the box to get to where they need to be. We are so lucky to have the opportunity and I know that despite being away from daddy during the week, our kiddos are going to have the bestest time spending their summer at the farm! We are already day one into this little adventure and so far the kids are on cloud nine! 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Easter Dress Round Up

I am always asked by friends, family (and even strangers on IG) where to buy cute, stylish girl clothes. I'm always so happy to recommend my favorite places and figured it was high time that I just share a round up of some dresses from my favorite small shops and big box stores for some Easter dress inspiration! As you can tell, we are huge fans of all things pink, twirly, ruffly and sweet over here!

*Many of these dresses come from small shops that have limited inventories. I highly recommend following these shops on Instagram and signing up for their newsletters so that you are in the know when they release new collections and restock. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Easter Basket Gift Guide- Little Girls

Ahhh Easter...It's such a special time of year! Christ is risen, Winter is over and is right around the time of my birthday!

Growing up, one of my highlights at Easter was hunting for our Easter baskets. Right up there with dying eggs, wearing a new dress and Easter Vigil mass! My dad would hide our baskets in the craziest places ( one year it was inside the shop vacuum!) and it was always fun to see what he'd think of next. And oh my gosh, are Easter baskets were always so good. My mom is the queen of coming up with the best stuff for both Easter baskets and Stocking Stuffers. 

Getting to play the role of Easter Bunny is just the cherry on top of being a parent in my opinion! Creating this gift guide was so much fun and I hope you find an idea or two!

The Pink Umbrella- One of our favorite books ever! So Springy and the illustrations are classic and sweet. And as Sophie would say "It's sooooo romantic!"

Easter Sticker Book
Calico Critter Bunny Family- An Easter basket isn't complete without some kind of bunny to play with! These fuzzy bunnies are so adorable, Eloise can't get enough of them!
Pastel striped Jacket
Peeps Bubble Bath
Yoobi Chalk- definitely an Easter basket staple, along with bubbles of course.
Watering Can
Ruffle Swimmer- April in Alberta is still a long way from bathing suit season but those beach days will be here before we know it!
Ice cream night light
Easter Basket
Bunny floral crown-
Rabbit bonnet- I apologize for any obsession this bonnet induces. Native Fable has the cutest bonnets.  We're talking heirloom quality here!
Bunny Sandals- I can't resist clothing with bunnies on them! Sophie had these last Summer and we got so many compliments on them.

Bug Bungalow- Anyone else have these growing up? I think both girls are going to love being able to check out bugs through a magnifying glass!
Bows- Eloise is the queen of bows and is obsessed with Dear Freya bows. Definitely our favorite small shop, for sure! Just look at how pretty these colors are!

Easter Basket Gift Guide- Baby Boys

I was under the impression that shopping for boys would be boring, but surprisingly, I've found so many goodies for my little man! I'm so excited for him to get into all the Easter and Spring festivities now that he's walking and so curious. I'm just imagining him hunting for eggs, holding a little basket and waddling around, probably dressed as a bunny in some way or another...eeek it's going to be adorable! 

Chambray Ball cap- If there's one thing I love, it's when my guys ( Donald and Theo, ha!) wear ball caps. It's just such a good look!
Bunny Jammies- I'm a sucker for anything with a bunny on it, no joke!
That's not my lamb- Theo loves this book! We usually re-read it over and over in one sitting. I love when babies find something they love.
Bunny Cardigan- I am officially in love with this sweater! The little bunny ears, the classic fit...ugh why are kids dressed as critters so. dang. cute?!
Hooded onesie- I love this little onesie and it makes me so excited for Summer...whenever it finally decides to show up...
Hunter boots- I might have to give Theo his hunter boots before Easter. He is already obsessed with splashing in puddles and his poor wool booties have had enough of his shenanigans!
Farm Tractor- Farm toys are the best! My kids go crazy over tractors and farm animals.
Rabbit bonnet- This is from my favorite small shop! And they are sooo soft!
Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel Playbook- Another Theo approved book! He packs this one around with him all the time! And what is an Easter basket without anything Peter Rabbit?!
Bubble Machine- The ultimate in hands-free, mess-free bubbles! Theo is obsessed with bubbles so I have a feeling this machine is going to have a busy Spring/Summer!
Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favorites- February Edition

It’s happening! The days are getting longer here, meaning an entire afternoon full of glorious sunshine! At the moment, I’m curled up on the couch, sitting in a ray of sunshine with the fireplace going. All the warm and cozy feels with a shot of vitamin D please!

So the count down is on! Only t-minus 6 days until Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite days to celebrate despite my own Valentine’s less than enthusiastic participation! Insert eye roll. That’s o k, I think I’ve made it quite clear that he just needs to bring me home a coffee and I’ll be happy. Besides, I have two little minis who are super pumped for love day so we can have our Galentine’s day party! Yay!

So in the spirit of Galentine’s day, I’m sharing all of my favorite girly things that make great gifts do your gal pals of maybe even just a little something for yourself!

Okay, I lied. In addition to a coffee, I also really want a big old box of these bears. They are so dang good. And they are alcohol free, making them a perfect gift for a friend that’s preggo.

If I had to pick my top three make up essentials, this pen would be one of them! It’s longlasting and creates the most perfect cat eye. I love it.  I usually apply a thin line right over my lash line for a more casual look and then a little more dramatic with a longer and fuller wing to my cat eye.

I had bought this pouf to give away as part of a gift but then I couldn’t part with it! Oops! I stash all of my fancy stanch pens for bullet journaling inside but I could easily dill another 3 or 4! Please give me all the rifle paper co goodies!!

This color is soo good! Sparkly, pink and wears so well! Sophie and Eloise are also big fans which is why I’m due for another tube...despite only getting it last month. #girlmomproblems

For the littlest galentine, I love this cape,  ostrich and little blouse. These boots would be super cute filled with some little chocolates or a few small toys. And my final and favorite pick, this blush gingham dress. Swoon.

I can’t forget my favorite movies for February! Of course Valentine’s Day makes the list (Love that flower shop!) but here are a few other favorites for the month of love.

Leap Year
La la Land
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Julie and Julia
Return to Me
Cinderella (2015)
Shall We Dance

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Winter Survival Guide for Moms with Toddlers

Being cooped up in the house with a posse of little kids ain't no joke. Especially when you live somewhere where winter stretches for weeks and weeks and weeks. It can be really tough and trying on the patience. Unless you have a warm place to go when the temperature dips, there really is nothing else to do but get cozy and enjoy it! Time goes by so fast and it's my personal belief to embrace the season, cold or warm, boring or exciting, and to just love my babies and make lemonade with the lemons that life gives. Even if those lemons are cold, dark days spent tucked away at home.

I hope this little guide serves up some fun (and hopefully new!) suggestions for you and your bubs. 

First off, here's a look inside my mommin' tool box. You might even have a similar stash!

-construction paper
-washable markers
-flash cards
-water beads 
-an atlas ( I love this one!)
-painters tape
-Kraft paper
-paint brushes
-washable paint

My kiddos are free to grab whichever activity they wish, except for the water beads. It takes lots of discipline, but our rule is to put one thing away before grabbing the next activity. Also, I am not a fun mom at all. Meaning, I don't play with them. Unless they ask for help with the flashcards or puzzles, I set them up with an activity and then try to tackle a junk drawer, read a book to Theo or vacuum. With that being said, I'm always there to coach and help with cleanup!

Fun Activities

Sensory Bin Play
I like to grow a small amount of water beads and then set the girls up with their LOL dolls and other small toys to have a water bead party! It's messy, I'll warn you, but it keeps them entertained for a loooong time. Best done without a baby sibling around...speaking out of experience! Face palm.

Beach Party
The kids hop into their swimsuits, lay on towels while reading books, we listen to the Moana soundtrack, drink homemade slushies, wear sunglasses and do the hula.

Detective Problem Solving
This requires some creativity on mom's part! Write up a few clues for the kids to track and maybe even a story to go off (" The queen's jewels have been stolen! She has asked for your help detective to find it!"). Hide the jewels in a secret spot that they will find on their final clue.

City Building
If you don't have that cool road washi tape, I've found that painter's tape does a good job making roads!  Add blocks and cars to create the cutest Little city around.

Toy Hide and Seek
Grab 10-12 small toys (Little people figurines are perfect for this!) and hide them in a room or two. Send the kids in to find them and collect them in a little basket or bag.

Other fun activities
-fort building complete with twinkle lights
-bake cookies or mini pizzas
-dance party!
-play library
-scavenger hunt for snacks
-tea party

These activities are all in our repertoire and even though they are pretty simple, it does keep the kiddos imagination running happily and wildly without having to use extra screen time.

Oh and one more thing...
Add a little beauty to your day with something that you really enjoy. Maybe it's buying yourself some flowers or a plant to have on your table, burning a yummy new candle (I have this one going as I write this. It's amazing!), treating yourself to a dessert tea for an afternoon pick-me up or wearing a favorite lip gloss. It might not be a beach escape but just that little bit of beauty can do wonders for lifting a busy mama's spirits...without having to actually drink any spirits!

Don't forget to play happy music! Here is what we're listening to...

Underneath the Lovely London Sky- Lin-Manuel Miranda
Feeling Eiffel- Micheal Giacchino
Another Day of Sun- La La Land Soundtrack
I Promise You- James Corden
We Belong Together- Randy Newman
Wind in my Hair- Tangled: Before Ever After
Way Back When- Grizfolk

Megan xo

Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine's Boho Pom-pom Wreath

It's the month of looove! Yes, bring it! I've been scheming on how to add a few little fun things around the house to make Valentine's special for kiddos and couldn't stop thinking about a pom wreath I saw at Anthro over Christmas. I figured I could recreate the wreath in pinks and add some tassels to make it look kinda boho.

Now I realize that labeling this boho is a stretch but hey, if Anthro could call it boho, well so will I! 

Making the pom-poms was so fun, but a little time consuming. Which makes this a good winter weekend project because it can easily happen over the span of a weekend...especially if you are snowed in! Here are a few simple instructions so that you can add this quirky little addition to your Valentine's decor.

What you'll need:

-16 small poms and 16 large poms (here's the tutorial I used)
-5 tassels (tutorial here)
-1 large wire wreath frame (available at Micheal's)

Step 1.

Using 3-5 colors of wool blend yarn, create all 32 pom-poms. Be sure to leave the "tails" long so that you can tie it around the wreath later on.

Step 2. 

Arrange poms on wreath  to get an idea of what placement you want the colors and sizes of poms to go. I alternated sizes and then added a few small ones at the end to fill any blank spots. When it comes to color, use personal preference! I didn't want anything too matchy-matchy so I just  
arranged them higgly-piggly, to keep it quirky and dare I say, boho.

Step 3.

When you are happy with the placement, carefully recreate the pattern on a table of floor as a guide when you start tying the poms onto the wire frame. Begin tying poms around the wire, 2 to 3 times to ensure that the poms stay put. Keep adding poms until entire frame is covered. Hold wreath upright so that you can see and fill in any blank spots. 

Step 4.

After the frame is completely filled, figure out which part of the wreath will be the top and bottom. Sometimes it take a few turns to find the best angle! Now you are ready for the tassels which totally makes the wreath so don't skip this part! just as you did with the poms, tie the ends of tails on the wire frame. Make sure to  stagger the tassels so that they are evening spaced on the bottom quarter of the wreath.

And done! Happy crafting!

Megan xo