Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Centrepiece Arrangement DIY

Us Canadians are on the cusp of Thanksgiving and I've been busy working on little diy's and my little crafting heart has never been happier! I love holidays and I love making stuff. Put them together and you get a very happy Meg!

Today, I have a little pumpkin centrepiece arrangement diy for any of you that are wanting to turn some fresh flowers into a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. I love the idea of adding to the festive spirit of any holiday by adding a few handmade touches. It just makes the occasion so much more special! So, if you decide to make an arrangement of your own (trust me, you got this!) please let me know how it went! And show me pictures because I love seeing your diy's!

What you'll need:

-6-10 stems of mixed greenery
-2-4 stems of bigger blooms
-4 stems of filler
-2 stems berries
-2 stems ornamental cabbage
-2 pumpkins, real or faux
-long, low container
-florist foam

*My flower shop shopping list*
Greenery- madronna, asparagus fern, seeded eucalyptus (find a nice full stem!)
Blooms- Spray Roses
Filler- Sedum (It's my favorite seasonal filler)
Berries- I used snowberries
I went with soft greens, pinks and whites because I love the neutral Fall look. Have fun with colors, particularly with orange, rose, mustard and burgundy blooms.

Step 1.
Fill foam with water and place in container securely. Begin placing greenery on ends to establish length of your arrangement. Keep it proportionate with the rest of the arrangement. You don't want long pieces of greenery sticking out of a compact and small arrangement. 

Step 2.
Determine where the pumpkins will go in the arrangement and temporarily set them on the foam so that you can work around them

Step 3.
Begin arranging flowers and greenery in the foam. Allow some space in between, you can always fill this in later. keeping an eye at all levels so as not to miss any blank spots. I like to put my bigger things, like the cabbage, on opposite corners so that everyone around the table will have a variety of items to enjoy. Same goes for the blooms. Continue to build the arrangement around the pumpkins, adding greenery around the pumpkins to hold them in place.

Step 4.
Strategically add berries in highly visible spots. They were my accent pieces so I wanted to make sure they stood out nicely!

Step 5.
Sit down and look at your arrangement at eye level. Fill in those blank spots, make any little adjustments needed. I kinda ran out of greenery and flowers (oops) so I improvised and tucked in some mossy pine cones. I think it turned out pretty well and that extra texture is soooo good!

Taa-daa! Your arrangement is complete! Now go have fun setting the rest of the table and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Megan xo
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Our Favorite Books

It's pretty common for my girls to reenact the books that they read. Sophie usually calls dibs on the heroine and Eloise is more than satisfied to be the friendly animal sidekick. Except for Fancy Nancy; everyone wants to be Nancy!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we've had our thinking caps on, trying to decide who/what everyone will be for trick or treating, and it's been a ton of fun! The girls have been pouring over their favorite books, pointing out all their different ideas and giggling over ridiculous
ones.  I gotta say though, there's a very good chance that we will channeling the Pevenise children, wearing old fur coats because the end of October here in Alberta is sooooo cold!

Here are some of our favorite ideas so far. Most of the props were made from things I had around the house which made for quite the crafting session!

Anne of Green Gables

Sophie and Eloise were introduced to my favorite literary red-head when they were super little and I had gotten them children's version of the Canadian classic. I wanted them to get familiar with story of Anne long before they were able to read the series for themselves.

what you'll need:
-a long sleeved dress
-straw hat
-brown eyeliner for freckles

To make the braids, I cut several strands of yarn and secured one end with a tight tie with a smaller piece of yarn. After braiding, I tied it with another small piece and glued the top of the braid to the straw hat so that plenty of the braid hung down from the hat. Repeat with another handful of yarn and voila! Carrots!


This sassy and confident pig is a favorite around here! Both girls love Olivia. And so do I! The artwork is so fun and simple. A little argument broke out among Sophie and Eloise as to who would get to dress up as Olivia because who doesn't want to dress up as a cheeky little pig in a red dress?!

what you'll need:

-red dress

-pig ears and nose kit (I made mine with some light pink felt, and an egg carton for the nose)
-white felt
-black ribbon

To make the white collar, I copied a pattern like this one from Pinterest and cut the white felt according to the instructions. Then I glued equal lengths of black ribbon with my hot glue gun so that I could tie a bow around Sophie's neck, just like Olivia's!

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

How could we not include this classic favorite?! This might very well be the easiest Halloween costume of all time. Making the giant cookie was a group effort and I honestly can't tell you who enjoyed the project more; me or the girls...or Theo!

what you'll need:
-denim overalls
-a light, skin colored shirt or leotard
-mouse ears (made with my handy old glue gun, felt and a wire headband)
-giant paper cookie

To make the paper cookie, I cut two pieces of brown wrapping paper in identical circles. Using a black sharpie, we drew irregular shapes to mimic chocolate chips. Then, turning the pieces inside out, I stapled the edges together as if "hemming"the edges. When I only had a smallish section left to staple, I gently turned the bag inside out so that the "chocolate chips" were visible. Next, I stuffed the cookie with old grocery bags and stapled the small section, careful to hide the staples well.

What will you or your littles be dressing up as this Halloween? Any friends from favorite stories? Let me know in the comments!

Megan xo