Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Favorites: Autumn Edition

I know it's not technically Fall yet, but it sure feels like it! The girls start Ballet next week, we just visited the pumpkin path and although the afternoons are toasty, the mornings are so crisp and lovely.

At least it was lovely, then we got a huge dump of snow and everything went downhill! It's been a bit of an emotional struggle...

Ugh, where did Fall go? I'm not ready for snow yet!
Wait, snow means Christmas. I love Christmas! Time to crank up some Bing and deck the halls!

See, major emotional roller coaster over here!

At this point, I'm not too sure what our Autumn will look like; if we'll get a picturesque Fall after all or if we will be buried in snow until next April. Which is why I've been trying to create some Fall vibes in my house and wear cozy Fall clothing just in case the latter is the fate of the weather situation around here! Here's a round up of my favorite Autumns finds that have me feeling all warm and cozy!

Pumpkin Mat

I can't get enough of this mat! I don't exactly remember how I even found this cute etsy shop but now I want everything in the shop, including this mat. Because my obsession with The Office should be known to everyone who enters my house!

Pumpkin Chai candle

This Fall candle is where it's at! Once upon a time, I enjoyed any old pumpkin-y candle, but not anymore! This candle is my absolute favorite and smells soooo yummy.

Coastal Cub hat

This bonnet is another small shop find that I can't get enough of. This sweet bonnet can be customized and is oh-so soft. Theo will be living in this hat for the next few months!


Often overlooked, this Autumn treasure is so lovely, espcially wehn paired with simple greenery and it's seasonal buddy flower, dahlias. It's so inexpensive and comes in green, blush and shades of burgundy. 

Dolman Waffle Shirt

I've been living in this sweater! It's so cozy and soft and a dream to layer. I like to wear it "mom tucked" into my jeans and with a chunky scarf. With a PSL in hand. Oh my gosh...#sobasicithurts

Craft the Rainbow 

When the temperature drops, I love grabbing my craft supplies and settling into a project. This book is probably one of the prettiest and quirkiest craft books I've ever seen and I can't wait to try my hand at some of these ideas! All the tutorials are fresh and modern. Definitely not your Grandma's kinda craft book!

Have a happy weekend!

Megan xo