Thursday, August 30, 2018

Embracing a Simple Summer

I'm sure you have heard that phrase "you only get 18 summers with your kids" by now. It totally made me panic at first, 
thinking I had to make Summer amazing for my kids and then I remembered that there is a difference between what I think 
is a special holiday/adventure/outing and what the girls determine is special. 

We are pretty fortunate that we have family that live in the country, which to the girls is as good as a trip to the mountains 
or to a world class museum. In fact, the more I embraced the simplicity of our summer plans (which were next to none) the 
more I loved just doing the small things with my babes.

Small things like getting a pass to our city's humble but fun little zoo, going to visit my family's farm, a family ice cream date, 
a trip to the river...all of these little seemingly small events made my kiddos so happy! 

If you told me 10 years ago, even 5 years ago that I'd gravitate towards the word Simplicity, I would have never believed you. 
But now, this summer, this week, right this second I am not only drawn to simplicity but I am pursuing it. I know it won't always be 
like this. In fact, I know things will get crazy again in the next few months, and when that time comes I know I'll enjoy that routine too. 

So, just in case it's the end of this year's warmer temperatures ( we did need to turn the heat up the other day!) and we are headed 
straight for Fall, I gotta say; Summer 2018, you were so good to us. Your sweet simplicity was just what this mama needed to stop
 and enjoy her little ones!

Megan XO
Photos by the incredible and lovely Emily of Yew Photography

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