Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Littlest Farmhouse

I haven't done any big DIY's like this for so long... like before I was even pregnant with Theodore! So to say that I'm super excited about this latest project is an understatement! 

I wanted to find a playhouse for the kids but wasn't really into the brown cedar versions I kept seeing and I really didn't want to spend a small fortune on a little play space either! After hunting on Kijiji for months, I finally found this little house for super cheap and so began the revamping process.

It took about three days to complete and that's including endless nursing and snack/meal making breaks. Given that we get quite a bit of moisture in the winter, I wanted something that would cover well and wouldn't need a lot of maintain. Enter the white stain! I am still pretty amazed it took only 2-3 coats and that the cedar doesn't show through. I honestly was afraid I'd be out painting for weeks! As for the trim, I simply spray painted it all black. Do you know how satisfying it is to spray paint stuff? Oh my word, I actually rummaged around my house, trying to find more things to spray paint because it was just so fun! Maybe that's just the fumes talking...

After all that painting, spider-killing and sweating up a storm came the best part: DECORATING! I did buy the chalkboard, wreath and the planter but everything else was from my little stash here at home. It really goes to show that it doesn't take a whole lot to make something beautiful or special, just a little elbow-grease and a heap of creativity!

I am so excited for this place to change throughout the seasons....Sophie and I have already started taking about our decorating plans for September and October! Give us all the pumpkins please!

Megan xo