Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our Summer Bucket List

After the longest winter EVER it's finally Summer! We kinda skipped Spring but all is forgiven because June is here with all of its busyness, flora, celebrations and most importantly...peony season! Hello!

I sat down with the kiddos and made a list of all sorts of fun things we can do to make every beautiful day count this Summer! I know I complain a lot about our cold winters but our Summers are phenomenal and there is so much to do. I love it!

Without further ado, here's our chock full Summer Bucket list...

1. Go to the zoo as much as possible (we do have a season pass after all!)

2. Go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to see some amazing dinosaur exhibits

3. Ride ponies at our city's historic site

4. Pick berries at Nana and Grampy's farm

5.Go to an outdoor symphony (this might turn out to be a date night for mommy and daddy instead of a family thing. Sorry kiddos!)

6. Make a fairy garden 

7. Go on a family movie date

8. Go on a mountain family road trip

9. Make a splash at Discovery Canyon

10. Have mermaid parties all summer long (Sophie's suggestion, of course!)

Is there anything missing from our list? What's on your family's bucket list this Summer?

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