Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Favorites- Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion

                                                                Light-weight button front dress

Motherhood has changed me a great deal. Instead of historical fiction on my nightstand, there are books on child rearing. Instead of my little SUV, there is the most generic mini van known to man in my garage. My body has changed, my weekends are just as sleepless as a weekday and my house is perpetually littered with toys.

 I am all about making the most of every season of my life and enjoying the beauty of wardrobe included! How I dress and style myself is so important to me. I've always liked expressing myself through clothing and style and I have had to learn hard and fast how to dress this amazing, oh-so-functual body that has carried and birthed my babies. 

I remember back in the day when I could easily wear whatever and not have a care in the world. Nowadays I gravitate to clothes that hide kid-induced stains, that drape gracefully over my mom bod and keep everything zipped up and in! And then there is also the nursing factor. 

It's so hard to find stylish but functional breast-feeding friendly clothing, especially dresses.
I love a high necked sheath as much as the next Audrey Hepburn fan girl but it's just not possible with a little nursling in tow. But what's even harder? Feeling self conscious in an outfit that may be practical but doesn't reflect the beautiful mother that you are and want to be for your little ones. I can definitely relate to that 100%.

I've rounded up some practical and lovely picks that I love and help make me feel beautiful and make breastfeeding effortless. I hope you like them too!

Just a little note- I prefer to pull down my shirt and nurse rather than lift my top. All of my suggestions here are suitable for this "technique", haha. Of course I almost always wear a camisole underneath for extra coverage!

I love the idea of a basic denim dress! I've been wearing mine with a neutral wedge for Spring but come Fall, I'll pair it with a chunky belt, soft scarf and knee high boots. 

Okay, so obviously not just for breast feeding mamas, but it's too pretty to leave out! 

Best purchase ever! I often wear it over white jeans and wear a light weight cami underneath. No muss, no fuss, easy peasy! I love both wrap dresses and tops, not just because of being able to nurse easily in them but also because I think they are so flattering.

Other wrap favorites...

Can't forget this basic essential! I want one in every color! The snaps are even easy to snap-on one handed!

Other basic favorites...
Ruffle Henley
Front twist Button-up

Megan xo

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