Friday, April 27, 2018

Flower Arrangement DIY

"I'd rather have flowers on my table instead of diamonds around my neck".

Nothing quite makes my heart go pitter-patter the way flowers do. I love having fresh flowers in my home whether it's because I'm designing for a wedding or there was something seasonal at the grocery store. 

And speaking of those grocery stores  bouquets, have you ever picked one up and wondered how to infuse your style into it? Or make it look super luxey like the bouquets you've seen on Instagram or Pinterest? Well I have a few tips to help you style and make the most of a generic bouquet!  

I really love to grab one of those "designers choice" bouquets from Costco that has a few favorite blooms and then add one or two more expensive favorites from my local florist. Personally, nothing compares to peonies or garden roses with lots of seeded eucalyptus, but those blooms are not always available. So I've learned to make do with flowers all of shapes and sizes!

Certain flowers I try to avoid are linear flowers or fillers. I find them difficult to work with and if done wrong they look very dated, messy or  cheap. However, with that being said we all have different taste so if you love baby's breath, I encourage you to just got for it! 

The bouquet I grabbed to demonstrate had lots of flowers with the same shape and blooms that I wouldn't usually gravitate to. However, it had these beautiful coral roses that I couldn't resist! So I picked it up, carnations and all! I also grabbed some tulips as well, just to provide some added color. 

Without further ado, here are some basic tips to help elevate any old bouquet into something unique and special!

Step 1)

Remove flowers from packaging and strip any leaf that could possibly be underwater once it's in your vase. Sort flowers into type and color. I took out the carnations because (insert nervous laughter) I think they are soo unpleasant. I've seen people try to make them work but I just can't seem to hop on the carnation train. Besides, life is too short to have flowers you don't like on your table!

Step 2)
Arrange your greenery by placing all the leafy stems included with your bouquet into your vase. You don't need to fuss them with too much at this point since there will be tweaking involved after you are done arranging the flowers.As long as they are covering the edges of the vase! Greenery definitely elevates an arrangement and is the best step so don't you dare skip it! Greenery provides a base for the flowers and anchors them. 

Step 3) 
Decide which flower type you have the most of or pick three large flowers and place them an equal distance apart. This ensures that the sizes of flowers are varied throughout the arrangement.

Step 4)
Once you've used your larger blooms, fill in blank spaces with remaining blooms, careful not to place flowers so that they touch. It's better to give flowers space so that they don't appear crowded. This is the creative part so have fun with it! I always love grouping the same kind of flowers together as to "block" them together. One thing to remember is that flowers sometimes don't like to cooperate and prefer to do their own thing. If you come across a flower (or two!) that are stubborn and are not working with your design you can always move them to a different spot in the arrangement or put them in a teeny tiny vase on their own so that they can shine!

Step 5)
After completing the arrangement, slowly turn your vase, looking for bald spots, lop-sided flowers and most importantly; that all the flowers and greenery are in water

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that you treat yourself to some beautiful flowers soon! Please feel free to tag me in your creations, I'd love to see what you make!

Megan xo

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