Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Bulb Planter DIY

I was at the grocery store the other day, checking items off my list and tossing them into the cart when I caught a whiff of it. That sweet, full smell of hyacinths. I ran over to the bucket full of fresh purple blooms, closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the fragrance. The smell transported me to a land with bright green grass, baby lambs frolicking about, sunshine and rainbows with the promise of rain in the distance. 
Then I opened my eyes, saw the slushy snowstorm through the store's windows and remembered I was STILL bundled up in my winter get-up. Le sigh...

I still am anxiously waiting and hoping for Spring weather. I can't wait to jump in puddles with my babies and feel the fresh breeze through an open window! Also, my mom's sheep are getting soo close to lambing which I can't wait for! Eek!

Until then I am resolving to have fresh flowers in my house! Enter the Spring bulb planter!

I know one can buy something similar at the grocery store but they don't have moss. Or fairy like charm. And you definitely can't brag about it they way you would if you had made it yourself!

I put together a few steps to make this planter on your own. It's so simple and so beautiful. I added a little nest to my planter but a fairy house or a few little crosses like in this resurrection garden would be lovely too!

Spring Bulb Planter DIY

You will need

-a low dish or planter
-potting soil
-variety of Spring plants
-nest (optional)

Tip* Spring bulbs bloom very fast when in a warm environment. Choose plants with buds or young blooms for flowers that last longer

Step 1.
Fill the dish with enough rock to cover the bottom. 

Step 2.
Add a layer of dirt to cover the rock

Step 3.
With plants still in plastic pots, arrange them in container until you are happy with the composition.

Step 4.
Remove plants from pots and add more soil to stand plants upright. Add more soil to cover the bulbs.

Step 5.
Lightly tap the sides of the planter to settle the soil. Add more if needed.

Step 6.
Pull apart a handful of moss and cover the soil. Pulling at the moss will keep it from looking clumpy and sporadic; you want the moss to look even and natural as if it was growing all together.

Step 7.
Mist the plants and moss with a light spray. Display planter according to the instructions on the plant tags. 

Voila! Don't forget to happily stop and smell the primroses! 

Megan xo

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