Thursday, March 22, 2018

Resurrection Garden DIY

The fairy garden trend is so big right now! I love the idea of a mini flower bed made just for whimsical creatures to enjoy. It seems like many stores have hopped on the wagon, too, making it easy to find sweet little plants and accessories to add to the charm of these wee little gardens.

While looking up fairy gardens online I came across all these examples of Resurrection gardens and immediately knew I wanted to make one with Sophie and Eloise, but with my own twist to it. Not only do I love it as a beautiful reminder during Holy Week but also, it has rocks so I knew the girls would have lots of fun with it. What is it with kids and rocks anyways?!

Here are some steps to help with your Resurrection Garden. I hope you have fun creating!

What you will need:

-Succulent or Orchid potting soil
-River Rocks
-Wooden Crosses (we made ours from found twigs on a nature walk)
-A large, shallow, glass dish
-Moss, lots of it! 
-Cute helper (Optional but highly recommended)

Step 1.

Fill shallow dish with a layer of the succulent potting soil. Plant succulents by building up the soil around them and then tuck moss around them to seal the soil and roots. 

Step 2.
Place the tomb in between the succulents, preferable in the centre of the dish. Don't forget to leave room for the rock path!

Step 3.
Add another layer of soil to build the foundation for the path. Add a mix of small and large river rocks and pack as much as possible.

Step 4. 

Time to add the crosses. Disclaimer: I did cheat a little here by using some foam I had on hand to securely stand up the crosses. By building up the soil and using moss, it would be easy enough to pack around the crosses so that they stay in one spot.

Step 4.

Almost done! At this point it's looking super adorable but before you add the moss to finish off the look, make any tweaks necessary since once the moss is on, it will be tricky to make any adjustments. 
Step 5.

The best part, covering the garden with moss! I felt like this is what made everything come together and filled all the empty spaces up quite nicely. Your garden is now complete!

Step 6.

This step is optional, but since I am literally the felt queen and have so much of it in my house, I made a little white drape for the cross for the girls to add on Easter morning. 
Christ has Risen, Alleluia!
XO Meg

PS Hey Catholic Mamas, how cute would this be converted into a litle Cova da Iria for May, Mary's month?

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