Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Edition

One of the fun perks about being a mom? Getting creative with things like stuffing stockings at Christmas, hiding chocolate coins for St Patrick's, decorating with 10000 pumpkins at Thanksgiving...and making bunny-worthy Easter Baskets. Oh yeah!!

I love putting together Easter baskets for the girls for so many reasons. 
Reason #1- All of the delicious candy that is on the shelves around this time of year. It's all soooo good! 
 I usually give up candy for Lent (40 days before Easter) so by the time Easter Sunday rolls around, I'm ready to stuff my face. And let me tell you, candy tastes even more amazing when you haven't eaten it for that long!
Reason #2- With Easter (and Spring) come so many fun outdoor goodies! Bright coloured rain boots, pretty umbrellas, side walk chalk by the dozen and so on. These things always make for a fun basket!

Here is a round up of my favorite Easter basket treats! Not only will Sophie and Eloise be wearing bows this year, but baby brother will be sporting a little bow tie! Ah, the cuteness! And a bunny bonnet too, because babies are always cutest while dressed as a little critter! Since we spend some time at church during Holy week (Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday), sweet little books are a must to keep the kiddos quiet and entertained. 
And since there is nothing better than splashing around on a rainy day and considering the slight obsession with Mary Poppins around here (if you follow me on IG you've probably have seen my Poppins mug pop up here and there!) I know the girls are going to be pretty tickled with their umbrellas. I might have to get one for myself and Theo since we'lll probably be out, splashing along side with them! Speaking of Theo, I found these adorable teethers from a small shop right here in Alberta. Mom made is where its at folks!

Here are some other favorite Easter Basket stuffers than are always a hit too!

•sidewalk chalk
•rubber boots
•swimsuits (I can't wait for this company's Spring drop!)
•activity booklet and crayons
•mini craft kits

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