Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Bulb Planter DIY

I was at the grocery store the other day, checking items off my list and tossing them into the cart when I caught a whiff of it. That sweet, full smell of hyacinths. I ran over to the bucket full of fresh purple blooms, closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the fragrance. The smell transported me to a land with bright green grass, baby lambs frolicking about, sunshine and rainbows with the promise of rain in the distance. 
Then I opened my eyes, saw the slushy snowstorm through the store's windows and remembered I was STILL bundled up in my winter get-up. Le sigh...

I still am anxiously waiting and hoping for Spring weather. I can't wait to jump in puddles with my babies and feel the fresh breeze through an open window! Also, my mom's sheep are getting soo close to lambing which I can't wait for! Eek!

Until then I am resolving to have fresh flowers in my house! Enter the Spring bulb planter!

I know one can buy something similar at the grocery store but they don't have moss. Or fairy like charm. And you definitely can't brag about it they way you would if you had made it yourself!

I put together a few steps to make this planter on your own. It's so simple and so beautiful. I added a little nest to my planter but a fairy house or a few little crosses like in this resurrection garden would be lovely too!

Spring Bulb Planter DIY

You will need

-a low dish or planter
-potting soil
-variety of Spring plants
-nest (optional)

Tip* Spring bulbs bloom very fast when in a warm environment. Choose plants with buds or young blooms for flowers that last longer

Step 1.
Fill the dish with enough rock to cover the bottom. 

Step 2.
Add a layer of dirt to cover the rock

Step 3.
With plants still in plastic pots, arrange them in container until you are happy with the composition.

Step 4.
Remove plants from pots and add more soil to stand plants upright. Add more soil to cover the bulbs.

Step 5.
Lightly tap the sides of the planter to settle the soil. Add more if needed.

Step 6.
Pull apart a handful of moss and cover the soil. Pulling at the moss will keep it from looking clumpy and sporadic; you want the moss to look even and natural as if it was growing all together.

Step 7.
Mist the plants and moss with a light spray. Display planter according to the instructions on the plant tags. 

Voila! Don't forget to happily stop and smell the primroses! 

Megan xo

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Resurrection Garden DIY

The fairy garden trend is so big right now! I love the idea of a mini flower bed made just for whimsical creatures to enjoy. It seems like many stores have hopped on the wagon, too, making it easy to find sweet little plants and accessories to add to the charm of these wee little gardens.

While looking up fairy gardens online I came across all these examples of Resurrection gardens and immediately knew I wanted to make one with Sophie and Eloise, but with my own twist to it. Not only do I love it as a beautiful reminder during Holy Week but also, it has rocks so I knew the girls would have lots of fun with it. What is it with kids and rocks anyways?!

Here are some steps to help with your Resurrection Garden. I hope you have fun creating!

What you will need:

-Succulent or Orchid potting soil
-River Rocks
-Wooden Crosses (we made ours from found twigs on a nature walk)
-A large, shallow, glass dish
-Moss, lots of it! 
-Cute helper (Optional but highly recommended)

Step 1.

Fill shallow dish with a layer of the succulent potting soil. Plant succulents by building up the soil around them and then tuck moss around them to seal the soil and roots. 

Step 2.
Place the tomb in between the succulents, preferable in the centre of the dish. Don't forget to leave room for the rock path!

Step 3.
Add another layer of soil to build the foundation for the path. Add a mix of small and large river rocks and pack as much as possible.

Step 4. 

Time to add the crosses. Disclaimer: I did cheat a little here by using some foam I had on hand to securely stand up the crosses. By building up the soil and using moss, it would be easy enough to pack around the crosses so that they stay in one spot.

Step 4.

Almost done! At this point it's looking super adorable but before you add the moss to finish off the look, make any tweaks necessary since once the moss is on, it will be tricky to make any adjustments. 
Step 5.

The best part, covering the garden with moss! I felt like this is what made everything come together and filled all the empty spaces up quite nicely. Your garden is now complete!

Step 6.

This step is optional, but since I am literally the felt queen and have so much of it in my house, I made a little white drape for the cross for the girls to add on Easter morning. 
Christ has Risen, Alleluia!
XO Meg

PS Hey Catholic Mamas, how cute would this be converted into a litle Cova da Iria for May, Mary's month?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Boho Bunny Treat Jars DIY

I am so excited for Easter this year! It is a pretty important occasion but also I missed out on my family's big scrumptious dinner at Christmas on account of being at home in bed with my sweet, newborn so I am really looking forward to sitting down with my fam and sharing a lovely feast with them. Also, my birthday lands on Easter Sunday this year! It's going to be party central!

Since Easter (and my birthday!) is a little less than 2 weeks away, I figured  I should probably get cracking and do a few fun projects with the kiddos! There are quite a few littles on both sides of the family and it's become a fun tradition, ever since Sophie was born, to gift little treat bags or little surprises for them. Easter is a big deal around here after all! Jesus is Risen, so let's celebrate! 

This year we made some pretty cute (if I do say so myself) Easter bunny jars! Of course these bunnies are the flower crown wearing variety but you could easily make them without or depending how creative you would like to get, a little straw hat for the wee gentlemen in your life!

Here are all the deets for these sweet bun-buns.

Boho Bunny Treat Jars DIY

What you will need

-pipe cleaners
-wire cutters
-white Pom Pom
-small flowers
-hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1.
Shape pipe cleaner into 2 1/2 inch ears. Twist the ends and trim excess wire while leaving a bit to glue on to the jar.

Step 2. Hot glue ears on to the top of the jar. Hold in place until glue dries and cools.

Step 3. Time for the flower crown! Glue flowers to cover the base of the ears. Don't forget to add flowers to the back because...

Step 4. ...the fluffy cottontail on the back of the jar is just the cutest and kinda important. Glue pop-pom and hold until glue is cool.

Step 5. Fill jar and presto! Ready for gifting! 

Happy Crafting!

Friday, March 16, 2018

What's in a name?

When friends and family announce the arrival of a new baby I'm always so excited to hear what name they will give the little one. I love the thought that people put into names especially if the name has a back story or a special meaning. 
We put lots of thought into our kiddos' names during each pregnancy. Nameberry was frequently visited by us because it has all sorts of cool facts and info behind each name that added to the fun of naming our babes. 

Our main formula for choosing a name has been to pick an original name we both love; to chose a name that sounds good with the other sibling(s) and a middle name that is after a special person or a saint. Also that both the middle name and first name look good together. Case in point? We dropped the "e" in Leonie in Eloise's name. Why? Because it just looked weird, like every one of Eloise's names ended with an e. I realize this makes me sound a little obsessive but unlike my childhood rabbit, I only have one chance to select my child's names, I better do a good job at it! 

Here are some of the special meanings behind the names of our brown-haired trio!

Sophie Mildred- I have loved the name Sophie forEVER! The first Sophie I ever met was the toddler of my parents' friends. She was so darling and I thought it was the prettiest name I had ever heard in my 10 years.  After that I would see the name Sophie pop up in the books that I read and in the the movies I watched. Every time I would hear the name, I loved it even more. As for Mildred, that is the name of my maternal grandmother who passed away when I was 11. She was a wonderful grandma who was very generous and most certainly namesake worthy. I love the feminine combination of the two names and how it looks spelled out. While we have called Sophie everything from So-So, to Soph to Sophers, her absolute pet name is Sophie Bear, on account of her round cheeks and way of growling when she was itty bitty. 

Eloise Leoni- I saw the cover of Eloise at the plaza long before I read the book. I loved the look of the illustrations and the colors of Kay Thomson's NYC darling. I had no idea how to say the name (Was it E-Loy-zz? Or maybe E-Louise?) until I saw the movie. I also didn't know that Eloise was a bit of a monkey but it didn't keep me from loving the name! The name Leoni ( or more popularly spelled, Leonie) comes from Donald's maternal grandfather, who's name was Leonard. The feminine variation seemed perfect for our Eloise. Fun fact? Donald was born on his maternal grandfather's birthday right? Well Eloise was born on her paternal grandmother's birthday! Way to keep the shared birthday tradition going, Ellie! Eloise was going to be nicknamed Loulou but it just never stuck! My sister and I tried to make it happen but Ellie won out every time! So Eloise went from Little Loulou to Ellie Babe. 

Theodore Karol- a few months before Theo was born, I was playing around on Nameberry and looked up Christmas themed baby names. Theodore made the list since the name means "The Gift". It seemed like such a perfect name for a Christmas baby! Plus, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Theodore Lawrence, the adorable, handsome young neighbor to the March family in Little Women. There was just so much to love about the name Theodore, not to mention all the nickname options, which is very important to me since I love giving our kids pet names, obviously. 
As for the name Karol (pronounced Karl), it was inspired by the first name of the greatest man of our times; Karol Wojtija. AKA Pope John Paul the Great. I recently read a book about him and couldn't get over how amazing his life was, even as a young man, long before he became a pope. Donald and I both loved the thought of incorporating his name, especially as a middle name, into our first boy's name. In the Catholic community, you hear lots of John Paul's and to be completely honest, as much as I love the man behind the name, I really don't care for the name combo of John Paul. Lots of people thought Theo's middle name was Karol as in a Christmas Carol. While not pronounced like the female Carol, it kinda made sense that people thought that since Theo is a Christmas baby! 

If we ever have another baby I have no idea what we'd name him or her! I will say that girls names are waaaay easier for Donald and I to agree on than boys names. Finding a name for Theo was no walk in a park. Donald and I have enough girl names picked out (complete with cute middle names and nicknames) we could probably name about 5 more girls!

Is there a special story or meaning behind your name? What are some of your favorite names? I'd love to hear all about them!

Megan xo

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Edition

One of the fun perks about being a mom? Getting creative with things like stuffing stockings at Christmas, hiding chocolate coins for St Patrick's, decorating with 10000 pumpkins at Thanksgiving...and making bunny-worthy Easter Baskets. Oh yeah!!

I love putting together Easter baskets for the girls for so many reasons. 
Reason #1- All of the delicious candy that is on the shelves around this time of year. It's all soooo good! 
 I usually give up candy for Lent (40 days before Easter) so by the time Easter Sunday rolls around, I'm ready to stuff my face. And let me tell you, candy tastes even more amazing when you haven't eaten it for that long!
Reason #2- With Easter (and Spring) come so many fun outdoor goodies! Bright coloured rain boots, pretty umbrellas, side walk chalk by the dozen and so on. These things always make for a fun basket!

Here is a round up of my favorite Easter basket treats! Not only will Sophie and Eloise be wearing bows this year, but baby brother will be sporting a little bow tie! Ah, the cuteness! And a bunny bonnet too, because babies are always cutest while dressed as a little critter! Since we spend some time at church during Holy week (Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday), sweet little books are a must to keep the kiddos quiet and entertained. 
And since there is nothing better than splashing around on a rainy day and considering the slight obsession with Mary Poppins around here (if you follow me on IG you've probably have seen my Poppins mug pop up here and there!) I know the girls are going to be pretty tickled with their umbrellas. I might have to get one for myself and Theo since we'lll probably be out, splashing along side with them! Speaking of Theo, I found these adorable teethers from a small shop right here in Alberta. Mom made is where its at folks!

Here are some other favorite Easter Basket stuffers than are always a hit too!

•sidewalk chalk
•rubber boots
•swimsuits (I can't wait for this company's Spring drop!)
•activity booklet and crayons
•mini craft kits