Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Candy Jewelry DIY- For Little Hands

Crafting AND candy? Yes please! Perfect and easy for little hands, the trickiest part is to keep your little helper from eating all the "jewels". Add some cute packaging and you have jewelry fitting royalty. 

"Mommy, this has been the best project I've ever made!"

What you will need:
-Candy that can be threaded (we used gummy lifesavers and licorice)
-Clean kitchen shears
-Elastic thread ( 1.5 mm worked perfectly for this project!)

Now let the fun begin! I pre-cut the licorice and the elastic for Sophie and then I sat back and let her work. It's always so fun to see how little kids take to a craft. I don't see a pattern but she was very particular as to which color of lifesaver went where. We stored our finished product in a ziplock bag so that the candy will be fresh and supple when Sophie gifts it to her auntie at Christmas. 

Has your little made any candy related crafts? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing what other families are crafting!

Megan xo

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