Sunday, November 12, 2017

Magic Kingdom Memories

I can't believe it's been a year since our family trip to Disneyland! Cue the tears! 
 It really is the most magical place, especially when you have little ones! Or if you are an overgrown little like yours truly!

Even though I only have been to Disneyland once, I did so much planning, homework and what-not to make the most of our trip. We were at the parks for 5 days and it STILL wasn't enough for me! I was seriously considering asking the cast members if that little spot above the Snow White ride was available for rent! 

Sometimes I think Donald has had enough of me asking when we can start planning our next trip to the Magic Kingdom, I mean I do ask him every week. But then he will suddenly say something like "I can't wait to go back!" proving that even though we are not going any time soon, at least I know there will be a trip in our near future! And with a new little boy to take along with us. I'm already planning all those cute character outfits for him to wear!

Here are just a few of our family's highlights from the trip as well as a boatload of photos!

1.) Our built in Nanny
We were able to bring my younger sister, Rebecca, on the trip with us which was sooo awesome! Not only did it allow us to go on a ton of rides since we had someone to take turns watching the girls, but it was so nice having one of my besties along to skip down Main Street. It was such a fun thing to experience with my sister and a good chance for my girls to bond even more with her. Ah it was so fun!

2.) Going at Christmas time
We actually went smack dab in the middle of November, which I had planned for a reason! I really wanted to go to Disneyland during both slow season and while they were in "Holiday mode". The Christmas treats, decorations, parades, Navidad celebrations, everything right down to Minnie's Mrs Clause costume was PERFECTION! Plus the whole place smelled like peppermint and vanilla and well need I say more? This also brings me to my other highlight...

3.) The Entertainment 
Oh my. Oh my, oh my! So, Donald, myself and a 3 month old Sophie did Disneyworld with Donald's family on a trip to Florida. We were only there for a day and we didn't watch one single parade! How crazy were we?! 
When we got to Disneyland, I made sure there was plenty of time carved out for us to enjoy all the amazing and fun entertainment that the park offers. The parades were amazing! We all cried during the World of Color Christmas show (Sophie STILL talks about it and has to reenact a water show for us every night before bed) and the dance party for Navidid was so fun and colourful. Our favorite though was seeing Mickey and the newsies dance at California Adventure. Even though Eloise was a bitter little 13 month old, locked up in the stroller, she loved the dancers and did a little boogie from where she was sitting. 

4.) The food!
Some of my favorites were the Matterhorn Macaroons, cupcakes, dole whip and pretzel bites at the Cozy Cone Motel. If you are visiting DLR, please eat one of these treats for me because they are sooooo dang good! 

5.) Sophie experiencing Disneyland 
Before we left on our trip, people kept commenting that the girls were too little to take to Disneyland and that we were foolish to take them with us since we don't go on a big vacations all the time. 
I found the exact opposite to be true. Sophie was 2 and 10 months when we went; Eloise was 13 months.
 Sophie still talks about Disneyland and all of her little memories that she has from our vacay. At the time, she soaked in all the magic by dancing in lines, curtsying to princesses and singing along to songs that she heard on the speakers. It was magical just watching her take it in. One of both mine and Donald's favorite memories was when Donald hopped a rope with Sophie in his arms so that she could meet Rapunzel and Eugene, her absolute favorite Disney characters. She was so totally and completely enchanted, I was bawling my eyes out from the sidelines. It's those little memories like that that make me so excited to go again.

6.) One last thing
Because I was a DLR newbie, I had done a lot of research before our trip so that we got the most out of every minute. I had come across Magic Kingdom Mamas on IG and had gotten the best tips and tricks from them, since they pretty much live at the parks with their families. Since our trip, MKM launched a blog that covers every thing any family needs to know before visiting the parks. They are amazing and I recommend their amazing blog or adorable IG account to everyone!

Until we meet again Disneyland, you lovely place!

All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

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