Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas Wreath DIY

Christmas Wreath DIY

I know what you are thinking...are wreaths and babies the only thing Megan knows how to make?! 
The answer is yes. Jk! 

I looove wreaths. They are my favorite way to decorate for special occasions but they are also so fun to make. This one in particular was so fun to make because it involves lots of my favorite elements; greenery, baubles and pink! 

What you will need
 -grapevine wreath
-assorted faux greenery*
-glue gun and glue sticks
-baubles and holiday decor (I used mini bottle brush trees)
-wired floral picks (these can be purchased from your local florist)

*I get asked all the time if this technique can be used for fresh flowers or fresh greenery. The answer unfortunately is no:(. Fresh product requires water or else it will flop very quickly. I might just have to do a fresh wreath tutorial one of these days!!

Step 1.

Arrange greenery on the grapevine wreath by poking the ends of the greenery into the vine. Continue to arrange pieces, moving down on your Wreath so that the next piece of greenery cover the ends of the previous one. 

Step 2.
Adjust any pieces that you feel need to be rearranged. *Tip* hold your wreath up so you can see how all the greenery will drape when the wreath is vertical. Doing this also will indicate any holes that need covering.

Step 3.
Glue everything into place! Up until this point, can make any changes to the wreath. But once you use the hot glue gun, the greenery won't budge and is very, very difficult to remove. Simply remove the greenery, one at a time, dab the glue onto the end and reinsert. The combination of a grapevine wreath and the hot glue will insure that your wreath stays in tact for years of use, including outdoor use!

Step 4.
Arrange baubles along the Wreath until you are happy with the composition. Once you find the right placement, thread 1-3 baubles on a wired pick and twist the wire together to secure baubles. Wrapping the wire tightly will keep baubles more upright and easier to control when you place the pick into the wreath. If you are using glas ornaments, a dab of glue might be nessary at the top portion of the ornament.

Step 5.
Glue ends of wired picks into wreath, careful to place the picks within the greenery so that the greenery covers the wooden part of the pick.

Step 6.
Add a bow if desired.

Step 7.
Hang your Wreath and step back. Make sure all the holes have been covered and that there are no gaps. Also, be sure to pluck those pesky glue threads, those things aren't pretty!

Step 8. 
Time to sit back with a favorite holiday drink and enjoy your beautigul handiwork! 

I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I did! If you feel like showing off your lovely wreath, please tag me in your wreath photos. I'd love to see your creative genius!

Megan xo

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