Thursday, November 2, 2017

Baby Sanche #3 || 32 Week Bumpdate

Due date- December 24, Christmas Eve
Size of the baby- The length of a bunch of Kale

Movement- I think this baby will be a night owl. Why? Because like clockwork, he starts wriggling around at 11pm and doesn't seem to stop until early morning. He also has the hiccups frequently which is the cutest feeling ever! He's pretty strong but very shy. Any time Donald tries to feel for the kicks, pokes or jabs, the show immediately ends. As soon as Donald takes his hand away, baby boy starts up again. 

Weight gain- I roughly feel like a baby whale. I've never felt this huge before. I am terrified that this guy is going to weigh 20 lbs. I've already reached my target weight goal for the entire pregnancy (yikes I know) and I've still got months to go! Factor in that both girls were in the 9 pound range when they were born and I'm terrified that I'll be one of those moms you hear about who gives birth to a massive baby that begins life wearing 24 month clothing! Oh boy. I'm going for another walk! K, bye. 

Belly button in or out- In! It's never "popped" with my other pregnancies so I don't think it'll go anywhere! It is so sore though...might be because Eloise is constantly poking it.

Sleep- Some nights are amazing, I'll actually wake up where I fell asleep and then other times I'll toss and turn after having to use the washroom in the middle of the night. It's the age old story when you need to pee in the middle of the night but you are so tired and you know if you get up, you'll never fall back asleep. Sigh, preggo struggles for reals.

Names- We are awful parents. I totally thought that by finding out the baby's gender, that we would have him named in no time. Not the case. Donald is pretty happy with our front runner (pretty sure his plan is to steam roll ahead with the name while I'm exhausted from labour. I can tell by the sneaky way he dances around every other name suggestion!) I still find myself checking out nameberry, just in case I happen upon a keeper! Boy names sure are tough. I blame all of my family and friends who have amazing taste in boys names who have snagged all the good ones already!

Food Cravings- I never knew how delicious orange juice could taste. Or how yummy bacon breakfast sandwiches were when one is pregnant. Basically breakfast is my jam right now! I can't wait until I can actually have a mimosa because that's what I really want right now!

Biggest Complaint- Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks. I can't do anything (evening sitting on the couch) without a constant flood of them. I shouldn't complain though, at least something about my body is over-achieving at this point!

Feeling nervous about- 
The question should be what am I NOT nervous about! Labour is really daunting, even though I've gone through it twice. I'm actualy most nervous about what will happen with the girls for the first few weeks of Little Brother's life. I remeber the tricky adjustment when Eloise arrived and quite frankly, that was a really hard and emotionally draining time for me. Hopefully because the girls have each other, it might make things easier as we begin life as a family of 5. Also, I keep having this reoccuring nightmare that I go into labour on Christmas eve and the girls wake up to no parents and no presents. It's terrifying! Of course that will not be the case but it does give me the motivation to have all their presents purchased, wrapped and ready to go! But let's be real, this baby is problaly going to be a January baby and all this worry about leaving the girls on Christmas will be a joke in a few weeks time!

What I'm most excited about- I cannot wait to see what this little man is going to look like! I've been going through the girls' baby photos and it just adds to the excitement of meeting one's baby for the first time. Will he have lots of hair? Chubby cheeks? Big eyes? Ahhh I can't wait!

What I'm wearing- I just got this Seraphine parka which is sooo dreamy! I know I'm going to get so much use out of it this winter and spring. I'm especially excited to use the baby wearing panel since that has always been such a tricky part of baby wearing during Alberta winters.

Big Sisters Update- The girls have been playing "little mamas" by filling up their doll strollers and shopping carts with all of their stuffed bunnies. It's so cute to see Eloise squat down beside her stroller and chatter to her "babies" and tell them that she's their mama. Sophie walks around in heels, carries a purse and groans while toting her babies while muttering "Ugh I've got so many kids". FYI, I did not teach her that! Haha! 

Only 50 days to go (give or take!) Sophie was exactly one week late and Eloise was 3 days late. Donald thinks that this means baby will be on time but I think this little man is going to make us wait before we get to snuggle him in our arms!

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