Tuesday, October 10, 2017

There's so much to be thankful for...

We just got back home from the most AMAZING trip to our beloved Rockies and honestly, I am feeling all the thanksgiving, happy feels!

We hiked, relaxed in the hot tub in the rain and threw rocks into every lake, creek or river we passed. 
The girls loved being steps away from my parents' cabin and Eloise couldn't get enough of her uncles and Grandpy's attention. Seriously, we barely saw her, she was always being carried around as if she was the queen of the forest.  Of course I was jealous since hiking over hilly and rocky terrain while 29 weeks pregnant was no easy feat. But I did it, no one had to carry me and I am now happily camped on the couch while I write this post!

On our last night together as a family, my mom (whom I definitely inherited the holiday-loving gene from) planned a lovely Thanksgiving dinner despite being away from her kitchen. 
During dinner, each member of the family said something they were thankful for. I had a hard time limiting myself to just a few things, since I have been blessed with so so much! A wonderful sweetheart of a husband, two beautiful little girls, another precious baby on the way, family members that feel like friends and friends that feel like family. I'm tearing up just thinking about all God has blessed me with and that is just scratching the surface! My heart is so full!

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