Friday, September 1, 2017

Our Fall Bucket List

Girls' Gingham Dresses//here

Happy September! It's here, it's here, its finally here!

Don't you feel sorry for poor August? People are just so darn happy for the poor month to end so that we can get to the happy, latte-sipping, boot-skipping, scarf-wearing September! 

Our family was feeling particularly "Autumn-y", so we visited a near-by corn maze to enjoy the late summer sunshine and gorgeous sunflowers, climb a few hay bales and then get lost amid the sky high corn maze. It was so magical and Sophie was loving the little adventure. She definitely reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...if Alice had been trapped in a corn maze while twinning with her little sis! After our little jaunt, I started making a mental list of all the fun activities I wanted to do during this lovely season. I finally wrote it down and am now sharing it, mostly so I don't forget (the pregnancy brain is strong with this one!). Here it is!

Our Fam's Fall Bucket List

1.) Visit a pumpkin patch
2.) Go for a hayride
3.) Vacay in the Mountains 
4.) Find a new favorite book
5.) Go for a picnic at our favorite spot
6.) Watch the Harry Potter movies...for the hundredth time...
7.) Decorate our little home with pumpkins and other fun fall decor
8.) Bake lots of pumpkin treats
9.) Climb more hay bales
10.) Jump in a pile of leaves
11.) Go apple picking
12.) Make caramel popcorn
13.) Go for a chilly walk and collect pretty leaves
14.) Have a campfire
15.) Pick a bouquet of sunflowers 
16.) Make a big pot of homemade apple cider

There you have it! As for now, you can find me sipping a PSL, enjoying the cooler temperature, snuggled up with my baby girls and trying not to eat my weight in candy corn!

What are some things on your Fall bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! XO

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