Monday, September 18, 2017

Creativity, Inspiration and Crafty Motivation

Some people get excited about New Years and the opportunity to recreate themselves, try something new, kick a bad habit...well, my New Years enthusiasm starts in September! The school supplies, the change in weather, the return to structure after a fun but lazy summer is just what I need to pursue my interests and find inspiration to get creative. Also, with a new baby arriving around the time of NYE, I think it's safe to assume my resolutions will be put on hold at least for the first few months!

Being creative as an adult can be a challenge, at least for me! I can spend hours looking at pretty blogs or fun ideas on Pinterest, the only problem is that I forget to follow up with the inspiration and just simply CREATE! As a little girl and then as a teenager, I always had a project on the go. While I don't remember making any quality items...except maybe for that topiary made out of dried flowers, (My older siblings might say otherwise!), I was so happy to be creating and making something beautiful or interesting.

I am so fortunate to have established a passion in floral design, which my family and friends all know and are so dear to ask me to make pretty things for them. I am so thankful for that because it gives me an opportunity to do something I love while having the challenge of pushing my creative limits. It's sooo good for the soul! 

I don't always have a request for flowers every day or even every week. So I need to provide myself with the tools to keep the fires of creativity going! Here are just a few things I remind myself when I feel my hands (or heart!) need a project or just the fuel to get started!

1.) Surround yourself with creative people

I have a number of friends who are very passionate about pursuing their creative outlets and we have the best time together! We chat about our goals, we share what we are working on, we root for each other and it's just so exciting! Not to mention inspiring! How does that phrase go again? People love passionate people? Whatever the saying, it's true! Just the other day my sister had told me about her latest haul at the farmer's market and local Italian deli along with all the yummy dishes she planned on making with the groceries. I got so inspired by her culinary endeavors, I quickly tracked down a new recipe I had been eyeing and it is now simmering on my stove. Sometimes the best ideas come from a friend or a family member. Soak in their creative genius! 

2.) Think Old School

I love Instagram. I really do. I have found some amazing, crazy inspiring accounts (Monika HobbsLauren Conrad and Cotton Stem to name a few!) I can't help but want to mimic their flowing creativity. But with that being said, I find that one of the best things is to flip through my collection of older Martha Stewart magazines as well as some other favorite home design and decor magazines and books. I find that it's easier to cuddle up with a chai tea, listen to some pretty music and flip through a magazine without the online distractions I might get if l were to be looking on Pinterest (damn you Myers Briggs character charts!) Add a stack of post-it's and you're in for a good time! #imightbean80yearoldlady 

3.)Make time to be creative

Just as self care is important, I think carving out a small chunk of time that's reserved to create is so beneficial. Speaking only from personal experience, it's so easy to get sucked into watching a favorite TV show or an evening of scrolling through IG. When I consider the time I take to "put my feet up", I can see the opportunity there is to simple skip out on those kind of activities to sit down, turn up the music and make something AMAZING!!

There you have it! Just a few things that help me to keep that creative passion going and fulfill that little place in my heart that wants to use my hands to make something from nothing.
So dear reader friends, what inspires you to be creative? Have you created something exciting lately? I want to know! Let me know in the comments!

**Just a little note from me**
Right now, I'm planning on hosting a workshop for my friends and family on how to create their own Autumn Wreaths. I am having so much fun playing around and making demos to show them the different options and possibilities, as you can see by these photos!. The opportunity to make, share my love of wreaths (not kidding, I'm obsessed with wreaths!) and to spend time with a bunch of the creative pretty ladies in my life is my idea of a great evening!
Friday, September 1, 2017

Our Fall Bucket List

Girls' Gingham Dresses//here

Happy September! It's here, it's here, its finally here!

Don't you feel sorry for poor August? People are just so darn happy for the poor month to end so that we can get to the happy, latte-sipping, boot-skipping, scarf-wearing September! 

Our family was feeling particularly "Autumn-y", so we visited a near-by corn maze to enjoy the late summer sunshine and gorgeous sunflowers, climb a few hay bales and then get lost amid the sky high corn maze. It was so magical and Sophie was loving the little adventure. She definitely reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...if Alice had been trapped in a corn maze while twinning with her little sis! After our little jaunt, I started making a mental list of all the fun activities I wanted to do during this lovely season. I finally wrote it down and am now sharing it, mostly so I don't forget (the pregnancy brain is strong with this one!). Here it is!

Our Fam's Fall Bucket List

1.) Visit a pumpkin patch
2.) Go for a hayride
3.) Vacay in the Mountains 
4.) Find a new favorite book
5.) Go for a picnic at our favorite spot
6.) Watch the Harry Potter movies...for the hundredth time...
7.) Decorate our little home with pumpkins and other fun fall decor
8.) Bake lots of pumpkin treats
9.) Climb more hay bales
10.) Jump in a pile of leaves
11.) Go apple picking
12.) Make caramel popcorn
13.) Go for a chilly walk and collect pretty leaves
14.) Have a campfire
15.) Pick a bouquet of sunflowers 
16.) Make a big pot of homemade apple cider

There you have it! As for now, you can find me sipping a PSL, enjoying the cooler temperature, snuggled up with my baby girls and trying not to eat my weight in candy corn!

What are some things on your Fall bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! XO