Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our Summery Saturday

 Eloise's dress and bowsSophie's skirt   

We like to stay busy during the weekends in the summer, since there's always so much to do when it's warm out but also because we know we'll be housebound come winter time! 

It's been so much harder to get up and go because of the pregnancy but we finally made it out the door and it was amazing! We visited the historic site in our city which I absolutely love. Last year I had a season pass and I would take both girls on my own, strollerless (so impressive if I say so myself!) and we would visit once a week. There is so much to do there, including a trip around the park on a vintage steam train, pony rides for kidlets and my favorite, a gorgeous hand carved carousel! 

 Our little fam met up with my mom and two of my sisters and then we set off exploring around the park, popping in and out of historical buildings and of course enjoying fresh baked treats, including a super dreamy slice of Lemon Meringue pie. 

 Now for all the photos this mamarazzi took! 

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  1. My boys have not been to the Fort in years.... I think I need to get them there asap! Love the pics!-Maripaz