Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Schooling Sophie

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."
Joe Fox, You Got Mail

Is there anything more romantic than someone offering to buy you a bouquet of pencils?! Probably not. I'm still waiting for Donald to come with said gift but alas...

 There is something sooo dreamy about brand new school supplies. Sharp coloured pencils, pristine erasers, a shiny new pack of elmer's glue sticks. Oh and I can't forget the feel of a new, immaculate notebook just waiting to have its pages filled. Sigh...bliss!
I remember being a very enthusiastic and excited little scholar, back in the day, ( at least at the beginning of the year, I'm an ENFP after all!) and the sight of my school supplies all neatly arranged in my plastic pencil case was the inspiration that set me up for the long year ahead.
I really, really hope Sophie shares my excitement when she starts school and that she has a genuine love of learning. We will be putting that to test this year since Sophie will be starting "Pre-School" at home with me.

Since she's only 3 and based on a little research I've done, nothing we do will be formal or too intense. I want her to learn from just being the curious little explorer that she is and also allow her to just play
 I will carry on doing day-to-day "lessons" like counting random items, pointing out colors, fun, educational songs or listening to audiobooks in the car, baking (Sophie loves to bake and can name almost all of the ingredients and even knows how to measure. Just sneaking in fractions, that's all!) and reading alllllll the books. 
She will also be taking a dance class and then swimming lessons later in the spring. So things will be busy for her and she will have plenty of learning opportunities without attending an actual pre-school class. 

I came across a few super fun crafts that we are hoping to try out over the year. Sophie and I are particularly excited about the pineapple necklace! Check out my Pinterest board for all of our crafty aspirations!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sophie & Eloise Update//Growing Girls

I am a huge fan of documenting the little things that the girls do when I get the chance, just in a little journal I keep on my bedside table. They are growing so fast and I want to be able to remember all the crazy stuff that they do or say. One of my favorite parts of the day is after the girls go to bed, when Donald and I finally get the chance to put our feet up and I tell Donald all the fun and cute things the girls did and said that day. You'd think after being around them all day that I'd be more interested in speaking to a fellow adult about something other than that of my crazy kids, but that is not the case! What can I say, I'm in love with my baby girls!

Sophie Bear//3 Years, 7 Months

Sophie is a very intelligent little thing and is soooo witty, I can barely keep up! Her new phrase she loves saying is "Suit yourself!" and always uses it in the perfect context. For example...
Me: I'm going to see the Midwife today while you go to Grandmas!
Sophie: But Mommy! Are you sure your baby is big enough to come out?
Me: The baby isn't coming today...
Sophie: Awwww well, suit yourself!

She's pretty much a threenager!

Her new favorite thing to do is create stashes. First her little lunch box served as a place to store small toys, magnets and weird random stuff. Next her little tent began to fill up with her treasures , including kitchen items like spatulas and chip clips. Donald said he even spotted one of our wedding photos in there! Sophie also has an obsession with changing about 10 times a day. I am not joking! My laundry has spiked but seeing Sophie express her taste in clothes is kinda hilarious!

She is definitely a little social butterfly and is always game for a jaunt. Every morning she comes into my bed, snuggles next to me and asks, " Mommy can we see our friends today? Or go shopping?".

Sophie plays really well by herself, when she's not attached to my hip! I love hearing her play with her toys and listening to her imagination going wild as she chit chats softly to herself. So cute!

Sophie's Stats
Favorite colors: Pink and Purple
Favorite movie: Fox and the Hound
Favorite Snack: Chips 
Favorite Characters: Todd from Fox and the Hound, Moana and Rapunzel**
Favorite Activity: Splash Park

** When I asked her who her favorite character was she had to think for a moment.
Sophie: What is the guy from Dumbo's name?
Me: Dumbo?
Sophie: Yeah him. He's my favorite.
(This is the first time she's ever brought up Dumbo so....yeah no, definitely doesn't make the list! Haha!)

Ellie Babe//22 Months

I always underestimate my tiny little girl. Eloise is so sharp but because she barely talks, I forget that she  understands everything and even though she might not be able to speak her mind, she has an opinion on EVERYTHING! 

She's a dainty little thing but make no mistake she is pretty fierce and can be quite frightening sometimes! Recently, a bunch of 6 year old boys were taunting her and another little girl who also about 5 or 6 at a playground. The boys were making the playhouse Eloise was in shake and were yelling at the little girl. 
Eloise wasn't having any of it and started yelling "No! Stop it! Go! Stop it!!" all while wagging her finger at them. She even pushed one of the boys when he wouldn't stop screeching at the other girl. Although I could do without the pushing, I was so proud of her for sticking up for herself and not allowing bullies to push her or other kids around. Bravo Ellie!

While she does like to check in for occasional snuggles or hugs from mama, Eloise is so busy. She never stops moving and is always happily playing, dancing crazily or making a mess. She loves dress up, playing with dollies, going outside and packing around her little toy tractor. People ask where Eloise puts the enormous amount of food she eats since she is such a little thing. Then they see how she plays and it all makes sense!

Eloise's Stats
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite movie: Tangled
Favorite Snack: Fruit 
Favorite Characters: Elena of Avalor, Sophia the First, Minnie Mouse and Moana
Favorite Activity: Swing Set at the park (She could sit there aaalllllll day!)

My Girls

Sophie and Eloise are playing better and more every day and it really brings so much joy to my heart! Eloise loves saying Sophie's name and Sophie loves to get her little sis to giggle. I'm so excited to see how they will react to having a new baby in the house!  Of course a little nervous because we have so much fun, us girls. But until then I'm just soaking up every day with my little princesses and enjoying every second watching them learn and grow.  And dance, because life with these two is basically one big dance party!

 Eloise's bonnet//Sophie's headwrap
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our Summery Saturday

 Eloise's dress and bowsSophie's skirt   

We like to stay busy during the weekends in the summer, since there's always so much to do when it's warm out but also because we know we'll be housebound come winter time! 

It's been so much harder to get up and go because of the pregnancy but we finally made it out the door and it was amazing! We visited the historic site in our city which I absolutely love. Last year I had a season pass and I would take both girls on my own, strollerless (so impressive if I say so myself!) and we would visit once a week. There is so much to do there, including a trip around the park on a vintage steam train, pony rides for kidlets and my favorite, a gorgeous hand carved carousel! 

 Our little fam met up with my mom and two of my sisters and then we set off exploring around the park, popping in and out of historical buildings and of course enjoying fresh baked treats, including a super dreamy slice of Lemon Meringue pie. 

 Now for all the photos this mamarazzi took!