Monday, July 24, 2017

Baby Sanche #3||18 Week Update

I am so happy to say that I haven't had morning sickness in 10 days! Whohooo!
Although I think the girls are a little sad that I'm no longer camped out on the couch, reading them books all day long and sharing soda crackers with them. I'm pretty sure  both my house and husband are happy that I am feeling better and have more energy. Donald has been amazing for the last few months; making supper, keeping the house tidy, things like that. I'd rather cook and clean all day if it means I am not on the couch with a headache and nausea! 

Due Date: December 24th

Guesses at Gender: I'm 98% sure this baby is a BOY! In fact, I'd be shocked if a little lady has taken up residence in my belly. Donald is positive that the baby is a girl as is Sophie. She corrects me all the time if I call the baby "him" or "he". 
"Mommy, did you mean to say 'her'?" 
Seriously, what a funny kid.

Food Cravings: Cheeseburgers, Chai Tea Lattes, Greek Salad and Pancakes. 

Weight Gain: I actually haven't weighed myself for a while but about three weeks ago I hadn't gained anything. I think my general lack of interest in most food has helped with that! I feel like Baby has gone through a huge growth spurt lately so I'm curious to see how much my weight has changed. 

Movement: I first felt the baby move over the Canada day long weekend and since then, I've felt the baby's flutters turn into quite powerful kicks and pokes. I can't get over the movement from such a little babe! With both girls, I didn't feel movement until after 20 weeks. Of course feeling those little kicks makes the pregnancy feel 100 times more real! 

What I'm most excited about: I cannot wait for the girls to meet their new baby! Sophie talks about Baby all the time and Eloise kisses my belly at every opportunity! I'd be lying if I said that I haven't been fantasizing about snuggling my new babe while sipping on a coffee with Baileys...

What I'm most nervous about: Being outnumbered! Bah! I have two very sassy, busy little girls that require me to keep sharp and on my toes at all time! I'm a little nervous that I might be a basket case while I adjust to life with three littles but I'm slowly trying to prepare for the challenge!

Special Update: So after much discussion and weighing all the pros and cons, Donald and I decided to find out the baby's gender! My ultrasound is next week and I'm really hoping the ultrasound tech will be able to let us is on the big secret! I never found out beforehand what the girls were so this is a really big deal for me since it's something I never thought I'd want to know before baby was born. I am soooo excited to find out! Ah!!

What I'm wearing: I haven't been super crazy about maternity clothes this time around. Of course maternity jeans are a total must but outside of that, I've been picking up flowy tops from Anthro and Free People that I can wear now and after I have Baby. It's so hard to sacrifice personal style! With that being said, I had to purchase a pair of maternity spanx( LIFE CHANGING!) and an Ingrid and Isabel dress, mostly because all of my favorite bloggers have been raving about the rouched dress. My consensus? Comfy, cute and very chic!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why Hello July!

It's been such a wonderful week so far! I mean what's not to love about the week after the long weekend? 

At the beginning of the summer, I purchased a season membership to our city's zoo. It may not be an annual pass to Disneyland (I wish!) but it's been soo nice! Us girls have pretty much been living at the zoo and enjoying all the sights and sounds. We usually pack a picnic or snacks, grab a coffee for Mama on the way and sometimes even bring a few friends along with us.

We made our weekly visit just this morning, decked out in some of our favorite small shop items and I had a blast with my little girlies! 

July, we love you already!

Sophie's dress//Eloise's hat