Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Baby #3 Is On The Way!

Our little family is growing again!

Baby #3 is on the way, hooray! 

It was over Easter that I realized I had the worst headaches and could hardly keep my eyes open. I joked to Donald that I must be pregnant because I'm never this tired or fatigued!

Sure enough, we found out that our family was growing again and that our new arrival will join us at, gulp, CHRISTMAS time! Anyone who knows me knows I am all about Christmas (I'm kinda like Buddy the Elf from November 1st to January 1st!) so it definitely took some time to wrap my head around the idea that this Christmas will be special in an entirely different way. 

So far everyone thinks this baby is a boy, except Sophie of course, she keeps calling the baby a certain girl's name! Pretty much everyone I know is either expecting a boy or had a boy after their two girls so I feel that it's a strong possibility, but I'm still on the fence. However, I have been craving a lot of cheeseburgers (despite being super nauseous) so maybe that means a tiny little man is dictating my eating habits and is responsible for my sudden love of red meat?
 Either way Donald and I are hoping and praying for a healthy baby. We are not planning on finding out the baby's sex...unless I cave at the ultrasound so hopefully I can wait it out!

We are so thrilled! Sophie thanks God for the new baby every day at prayer time and since Eloise is such a baby lover, I have no doubt that she will be pretty happy with her new job as big sister! Keep on the look out for pregnancy updates!

Sophie and Eloise's peplum tops: June and January